March 2014 Newsletter

Hey Steady On fans!

The  big news this month is we’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to get CD pressed for our album “Through The Darkness”. Rewards include free concert tickets, posters, CDs, or even a live performance from Jenny and Jeff! Please consider pledging for this and/or sharing with your friends.

We’ve been practicing with the full band and cannot wait to play for those of you in the Atlanta area. We’ll be leading worship on the 30th this month at Christ Church Suwanee with the full band, so if you are in the Suwanee/Buford area, we’d love to see you visit and worship with us!

We’re also gearing up for the Boudreaux’s concert on May 18th. Remember that tickets are $10 for single entrance, or $15 for a group pass. You can also get a free group pass by pledging to our Kickstarter Campaign.

February Bog Articles

Jeff added four blogs this month:

Teaching The Rebellious To Rebel: Checking our motivations. Are we really interested in transformation, or is apparent “righteousness” just another manifestation of a rebellious spirit?

The First Act Of Grace: Considering our created need for vulnerability.

The High Cost Of Free Will: When the people we love make bad choices.

Stage Diving Without A Net: Jeff is inspired by the rash act of his four year old!

Final Words

This is newsletter #4- thanks for supporting the band. We hope you too see you at the blog and our shows!


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